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VentureLink Innovation Fund Inc. Honours in excess of 20% of NAV Shareholder Redemptions for Fiscal Year 2019 and Announces Closing Again

VentureLink Innovation Fund Inc. (the Fund”) announced on January 11, 2019 that year to date it had honoured in excess of $8 million in shareholder redemption requests.  Having honoured those redemption requests, the Fund has processed shareholder redemptions during its fiscal year 2019 in excess of 20% of its net asset value as of December 31, 2018, is suspending further redemptions and will not be accepting further redemption requests at this time.

All orders placed during the week ending 4:00 pm January 11, 2019 will be honoured on a pro-rated basis for 60% of each individual order and will settle over the next five business days.  All trades placed after 4pm on January 11, 2019 will be rejected until the Fund reopens again for redemptions.

Under the terms of the Fund’s prospectus, the Fund is allowed to halt redemptions once that 20% of prior year ending NAV threshold has been met. The Board has taken this decision to ensure the Fund continues to operate in an efficient manner. The Board concluded that this suspension is required to maximize returns for all shareholders and is in the best interests of the Fund.

The decision follows careful consideration by the Board of the various alternatives available to the Fund and is expected to allow the Fund to reopen for redemptions on or about January 6, 2020 at which time the Fund anticipates that it will resume honouring redemptions of at least 20% of NAV of the Fund as at December 31, 2019, as laid out in the Fund’s prospectus disclosure. Specific details on such future redemption opportunities will be released at a later date and will be posted to the Fund’s website at

The Fund has previously disclosed its plans to divest of all of its holdings and to wind up thereafter. The Fund continues to implement this plan which it anticipates will take it into 2020 before being able to wind up. If the divestures happen more quickly than anticipated, there is a chance the Fund may open sooner or open in 2020 and honour more than 20% of NAV. The Fund is planning to honour annual redemptions of at least 20% of opening Net Asset Value in each calendar year until such time as the Fund has divested of all of its holdings and it can wind up.

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Our Fund

VentureLink Innovation Fund’s objective is to realize long-term capital appreciation by making debt and equity investments in a diversified portfolio of securities in eligible Canadian businesses and by investing in reserves.

The Fund reduces risk through diversification in various investments, including debt-related securities (such as debentures and promissory notes), as well as equity holdings.

VentureLink Innovation Fund

(Note - The Prospectus for VentureLink Innovation Fund Inc. was not renewed and the Fund has ceased taking purchase orders as of October 17th, 2012.)